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"The Kids Magic School" has the perfect magic classes for kids. A place for your children, ages 5 and up, to learn magic tricks, develop self-esteem, acquirea new skill and enhance their personality. Classes typically are held on weekends for 4 consecutive weeks at a time. Each class is approximately 90 minutes. Learn rope trikcs, coin tricks, card tricks and more. Magic classes are held in California: Venice, Santa Monica, North Hollywood, Toluca Lake, Santa Barbara, San Diego, Orange County and throughout Los Angeles. Parents and Organizations can request magic lessons in their community. The "Kids Magic School" is also available in Spanish. To book a Kids Magic School contact our staff.

Venice Del Play- “ Brandon Scott’s Kids Magic School” review of classes for sessions Oct- Nov-2009

Introduction - Learning a Magic Trick
Finding your “Magic  (magicians) Name”
On learning magic and presenting yourself as a  magician.
Techniques on How to Learn
Keeping the Magic Secret
How a magician uses a Magic Wand
Discovering the Magic Words
Finding Your Personal Magical Gesture
Exercises for Speaking With Presence
Improv games to understand space and handling of objects
How to Take Care of Your Props
Introduction to your Magic Kit
How to Practice
MAGIC TRICKS: The  Floating Magic Wand, The Magic Penny Box, 

Review of last weeks magic trick
Start developing your magical character, come in costume
A Lesson in Showmanship- How to perform your tricks.
Taking Care of Your Props
Theatre Game
How to Practice
MAGIC TRICKS: The Cup and Ball

Show Me-Review of last week ’s magic trick.
Taking Care of Your Props
Theatre Game
How to follow the instructions that come with the tricks.
How to Practice
MAGIC TRICKS: The Floating Pencil, (review of the Floating Wand),The Mental Die, The Appearing Knot.

Review of last three classes.
The one word game
Review your magical name, magic gesture and magic trick you picked.
NEW MAGIC TRICK: The Vanishing Coin.

Each Magic Student will demonstrate his favorite magic trick.
Parents are invited to attend.  At the end of the class you will receive your full magic kit.
Please allow some extra time to organize your child’s magic bag. If there is a lost or broken trick please let us know so we can tell you how to  replace it.

Note to parents:
Congratulations, your child is about to complete their first session of magic classes.
This coming Sunday we will be doing a quick review of what we have learned. Please go over with your kid: Their “magic name”, ( if they forgot they  can pick a new one).

 When asked to introduce themselves they should say, “I am (say their real name followed by) “The Amazing ________________”.
( their magical name)
 Also everyone should have picked one magic trick that they learned in our class and practiced it more than the others.  Make sure all the magic tricks are in their magic bag or box.

 If your child has a magic trick of their own they want to show the class in addition to the trick they learned,  please email us  in advance and we will let you know if we can assign a time slot for it. (By Saturday please)

You are invited to join the class. Everyone will be showing their chosen magic trick.
The magic students are not expected to “performer a show”. They most likely will need more practice on their own to really get the trick perfect. We are simply sharing what we each learned to the best of each ability.  
We encourage you to help your kid practice his magic tricks from time to time.  Most children go though a phase and will play with their magic tricks for a while.  Some will grow up and have them in their pocket of “fun things they know how to do.”  If your child shows a special aptitude for magic or high interest in pursuing learning more there are many opportunities available. Please contact us and we can explore some suggestions.

Your kid can come dressed casual or, wear a costume, a hat, a cape, etc.

Bring your cameras if you would like a picture with Brandon Scott the  Magician.



The Kids Magic School Classes Curriculum for Kids in Los Angeles